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October 06 2018


repost if you'd like to be part of a commutity-owned soup.io

as you might have heard, soup.io is for sale. i see this as an opportunity to transform it into a community-owned website, run as a coop or nonprofit.

if you consider to join this effort as a member, supporter, organizer or developer, please repost and maybe write a reaction with details.

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February 15 2018

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August 01 2017

Wenn's nicht so traurig wäre könnte man tatsächlich darüber lachen, dass Dein Kommentar genau so ausfällt, wie er zum Ende des Artikels für einen Kleingeist, der den Text erst gar nicht vollständig gelesen hat, prophezeit wird. m(

March 06 2017

...aber nicht sehr schön

aber nicht sehr schön

So gesehen am Münchner Hauptbahnhof

February 17 2016



Leider schon leer :(

July 24 2014


February 13 2014

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January 25 2014

I think I just found my new favorite news source %)
Das machen die wohl schon  seit Jahren so. Was war den diesmal uninternetierbar?

September 26 2013


September 14 2013

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Time to get a new tire I guess...

September 06 2013

The entire German political class uses a kind of sanitized Lego-language, snapping together prefabricated phrases made of hollow plastic. Most German politicians are more likely to fly unaided to the moon than they are to coin a striking phrase.

July 10 2013


February 25 2013

Desperate times

Desperate times1 call for desperate measures2:





1late sunday afternoon, nearly dead battery and a charger cable broken in the worst possible spot: 2mm from the connector

2perfboard, solder, ziptie, electrical tape and bit of wire

Tags: /hacking
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January 20 2013

Dude, get the facts straight. That's a case modded M16 shooting bullet, not nails...

January 06 2013



Also they require an external antenna to function that is much bigger...
Big difference, but still scary.

June 08 2012

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You better hope Walter White does not see this...

May 17 2012


May 13 2012

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Welcome to Life: a science fiction story about what you see when you die.

Or: the Singularity, ruined by lawyers.
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April 19 2012

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Dumt & Farligt - Phantom Flex Highlights - 1080p
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